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Snippets from my corner of the world

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May 2023

April 2023

April is living up to 'April Showers'. The land is wet, pathways are muddy, and waterway levels are notably high.

Maya and her partner [Rutland Water Osprey Project] laid 4 eggs.

March 2023

A collective of all manner of weather this month, from Snow, Sunshine and high winds. I lost a plant that I purchased only last year as it could not cope with copious amounts of water. As sad as it was, Spring is certainly reminding us that she is well on the way, with SnowDrops, Crocus and one of my favourites, the Bride bursting with leaves.

February 2023

With the garden grey and with little signs of life, and mindful that frost can still visit into May, it was time to plant some bulbs indoors to add a cheery note in a corner of the house, and this year I chose Parrot Tulips.

Swans on the neighbouring lake have been engaging in courtship dances, that somehow seems to feel earlier every year, and some corners of the lakes are frozen again, with Wildfowl skidding on its surface.


January 2023

January has been a mixed bag, with rain, glorious sun, amber skies, cold temperatures, frost and snow.

The lakes in the parkland here on my doorstep froze over again for a few days. Since December, water levels have remained almost a meter higher than usual, rendering the walkways somewhat muddy and slippery under foot.

The Cobs are starting to ward off their young from last year, and Snowdrops are bursting through;  a reminder that Spring is soon to follow.

December 2022

Temperatures plummet; it is to be expected for this time of year, but it is colder than usual at -5. As I strolled through the parkland in my hometown, I witnessed a spectacle that I had not seen before; the Swans were walking on ice, that covered the whole of the lake.

Days that are lit by sun are a delight. Long shadows and golden casts of light bring a new dimension to the landscape.

September 2022

As the season turns into Autumn, the countryside is awash with vibrant colour from delicious Rosehips, Hawthorns, Sloes, Beech Nuts, and Blackberries.
I feast on a small number now again whilst on a walk, forever mindful that wildlife enjoys them too. Robins converse from either corners of my garden, and I am visited by so many creatures. 


We had our first thunder storm last night. It was brief, but intense, yet I missed it as it did not wake me!  Finally, the rain it brought with it, quenched the ground.

August 2022

The land is parched. The heatwave, despite fleeting, was intense, the hottest temperatures ever recorded.


Wildlife & Nature are in need of water, and rest-bite from the heat. Trees show signs of entering Winter dormancy already. Birds take refuge in shady areas in trees and bushes, and the small act of daily offerings of water in my garden hopefully benefits greatly.


Shorter daylight reminds us that Autumn is just around the corner, especially seeing Conkers on the trees since the beginning of the month.

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July 2022

Grasses have reached full height, and the Blackberries are looking to be a bumper crop this year. Occasionally  on my daily jaunt in the parkland near my home, I help myself to 7 or so of them, so that the Birds are left with plenty, but I can enjoy their sweetness too. Little rain has falling again this month.


Bird song fills the air in the countryside, and since providing small offerings of bird seed, more birds visit my garden, and learning about how to keep the feeding stations decease free.

June 2022

It is mid-June. Many days of glorious sunshine were followed by a few days of flurries of rain, but we could do with more. The days are long with sunup at four, and sundown at ten.


Everything is growing at full pace, and the countryside is awash with green.

May 2022

May is the most giving of months, filled with new life. Wildflower Meadows are becoming a regular sight, Bluebells are breaking through, Waterfowl scurry across the water, and bird song is becoming varied.

I am attempting to recognise a few through their song. It is a beautiful way to stop and pause.

March 2022

New life bursts through with vigour. Unusual for this time of year, but not uncommon of late, saw prolonged dry days.

I had missed out on April. A relentless, chesty cough, and sleepless nights left me exhausted. I was in catchup mode, and so, spent hours immersing myself in nature.

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February 2022

Japanese Cherry Blossom is in full bloom, and simply poetic. Nature's turn-of-pace is astonishing.


A mere six weeks have passed since Brigitte and I started this project of capturing her garden for Nature & Wildlife through the seasons.

January 2022

Nature's slumbering melancholy tones in the Winter time are captivating, and a beautiful.

My morning ritual of seeing new life and tending to it, I saw first-hand how resourceful and remarkable Mother Nature is.

Growing edibles from seed to enjoying them from the plate, and planting for Nature, sparked my desire to photograph and journal my immersion in Nature & Wildlife.

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