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An Italian Renaissance Garden

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I miss Italy with all of my heart, especially Tuscany. Florence is deeply rooted in my veins. I first visited with my husband, and would paint the view of the city with the Duomo and the River Arno, from the hilltop of the Piazza de Michelangelo. It was incredibly romantic.

So after discovering Renishaw online recently a visit just had to be on the cards.

I have not flown since the Pandemic; so after recently falling in love with photographing flowers, I longed to find a corner of Italy here in the UK. My first find was Renishaw Hall & Gardens, a Grade I listed building, home to the Sitwell family for nearly 400 years.

If you love flowers, gardens , historical houses, nature or just soaking up peaceful places, then maybe @renishawhallg might interest you too.

On arriving I was immediately transported back to Tuscany, and I was delighted by the abundance of nature through all manner of creatures. Birds were flitting from hedge to hedge, Bees were basking, some snoozing, in the sun after having their fill from a bloom or two, Butterflies dancing in the air, Dragonflies hovering in the boarders, and tiny creepy crawlies scurrying around.

The gardens were meticulous, tranquil and charming. Formal floral boarders, impeccably clipped geometric hedges, neo-classical statues and a glorious fountain, typical of an English Garden Estate of such stature.

I have fallen for Renishaw and hope to visit again soon.

My Approach to photography

I view myself as an artist who happens to use a camera to create my work. I love to create artistic images with a Fine Art aesthetic.

My work is considered, with a delicacy of touch, utilising subtle, natural light. It is authentic, with colour that echo the colours in real life, and created on analogue-film.

Film is natural, organic and inspiring, which is part of why it is so beautiful to work with. There is an intimacy and a level of respect when working with film. Its dynamic range is diverse, and forgiving in harsh, unforgiving light. Its grain is dreamy & romantic. Film provides a beauty, and depth that is untouchable by any other photographic medium.

It was an overcast day when I visited Renishaw, so I used Kodak Portra 400 Professional film as it can provide a delightful pop of light on such days.

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