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Why authenticity?

Updated: Feb 24

Close to real life portrayals

I am a bit of a purist when it comes to photography. I love to convey the world as close to real life as possible with regards to perspective, detail and colour.

This is exactly how I remember this view at Belton House Gardens in Lincolnshire

True to life portrayals

Yes, I love to create images with a dreamy, creamy background, but I work with an iconic portrait lens because of its minimal distortion, if any.

Probably the Best 50mm Lens Ever Made -

After becoming a garden photographer, I visited a beautiful garden in the beautiful, neighbouring county of Rutland after seeing another photographer's images of it. When I arrived I was surprised by how little I recognised the garden. It was a large garden, but looked even larger in the photographer's photographs because a wide angle lens had been used. Wide-angle lenses do not represent the world authentically, not how we view it with our own eyes. In some images, flower beds appeared denser as a zoom lens had been used. This is down to photographer preference, and their is no right nor wrong way to capture the world, it's just that I prefer to work as authentically as possible.

Film's higher resolution/more detail

Film captures photos at a higher resolution than most digital cameras because the resulting photos have more pixels per inch. The resolution will differ from one camera to another, and the same is true when it comes to film stock. I use high-end, professional cameras, lenses and the world's best film stock to provide higher-quality, crisper images.

This is exactly how I remember this view at Belton House Gardens in Lincolnshire

Colour Authenticity

... to be continued

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