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My aim is to embrace the contrasting subtlety and dynamism of gardens and flowers. Gardening teaches me how remarkable nature is. I am fascinated by shape and form, movement as a breeze gracefully weaves through swathes of grasses, the transition to dying forms, from which, colour shifts take place.

Gardens and flowers have the ability to stir, inspire, and enrich. I hope to showcase the natural world and connect with nature through captivating and inspiring photography.

The poetry of photography

Notes of light, sounds, aromas, a breeze as it animates, colour, shape & form influence my interpretation and storytelling of a garden, a flower. Being present, immersing myself, and working with consideration is what makes capturing gardens & flowers so gratifyingI savour every moment, just as one would over a fine wine.


Light can transform 'beautiful' to 'sublime'

Light usually captures my eye first


I love to portray gardens and flowers in natural light. During Spring, Autumn or Winter, light is usually wonderful to work in. It is golden and at its softest, or when softened by thin white cloud. The image below was captured on a day when the sky was filled with thin white cloud, which provided a subtle pop of light. Such light combined with film provides depth, separation, and colour individuality, that is particularly evident throughout the deep red of the roses.



The floral palette of subtle mauve, red and white is a master stroke by Doddington Hall. It took my breath away.

Red Rose on an Elizabethan Coach House, Doddington Hall

I strive for authenticity in my photography. Film produces the most true-to-life colours, and portrait lenses provide a consistency of look, plus helps to convey gardens as close to how our eyes interpret the world.

Working with nothing more than my camera provides fluidity in my approach. I am able to move freely through a garden. The process feels wonderfully natural and organic, just as my eye would travel through a garden when not photographing.


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