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- Aizel of Yalham Hayes -
Blackdown Hills, Otterford Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 7ED

Article storyline possibility, touching on the heart & soul of your business, Aizel, and website opening statement 'we grow flowers passionately & responsibly for people to experience nature & its limitless gifts'. 


Your website also touches on 'your love for sharing the beautiful qualities and limitless gifts of being out in nature and amongst flowers with others, a sense of community. Your aim is to embrace the communities surrounding Yalham Hayes [students, artists, children, the elderly, to teach, learn from and to connect]. Aizel, I love the Filipino value of devotion to community. You have mentioned on Instagram how you love it when someone has spent time with you on your farm with flowers, like when Pottery Flower Vase lady joined you.

I also want to photograph & write about your passion and personality, Aizel. When I watched gardeners world your personality was infectious, and your passion for growing & arranging flowers, being out in nature & amongst flowers bounced off the TV screen.

I believe and if you are happy, that when we have created a beautiful article on my time with you, some of the content will help with your website. When I visit your website, you, your personality should come through on your homepage. You are the heart of your business and for me, this should shout out.

I am interested in the statement on your website Grow - Gather - Be: what sentiment is behind this?

Aizel, what would you like to say in the article? I am intrigued with you not having a garden to grow up in as a child, and therefore, how and when you discovered that you loved gardening. How did that transpire?

Other possible pointers for article, some of which can be touched on briefly:

  1. What was Yalham Hayes like when you first visited, and how did you come to live in Taunton?

  2. With not having a garden to grow up in as a child, how and when did you discover that you loved gardening. How did that transpire, what set the seed for it?

  3. Tell me about a typical day on the flower farm

  4. You are in the countryside, surrounded by nature. Tell me about that

  5. Greatest challenges, discoveries, achievements, most beautiful moments and why

  6. Greatest learning, resource, support

  7. What is your greatest joy/area of the farm that you love/why.




TRAIN: 3hrs 40min: Taunton Station is 18 mins drive from Yalham Hayes

1 change 'Birmingham New Street'

Outward Journey 9.32/10.32/11.32 - £59.40 [3hr 45min journey]

Home Journey 11.54 - £60.40 [3hr 45min journey]

Questions: 2 day visit. Aizel drives and has car so can rally me around.


Sunrise: 06.20 Sunset: 20.00

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