Your Wedding Event & Covid 19?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

I've been staying up-to-date with the UK Government's updates, and stories posted online by professionals in the Wedding & Event industry, to understand the affects the Pandemic is having on couples and suppliers.

CMA's latest views 07.09.2020 - click HERE

29 April 2020

The wedding & events industry has been devastated by the pandemic, with many businesses set to lose income for 2020 and beyond, threatening their existence, and couples having to postpone or even cancel their wedding day.

This is without doubt challenging and uncertain times, for which, no one could have imagined the Pandemic. I feel for anyone that it affects in a none positive way.

Couples with weddings that fall within the Lockdown Period are having to postpone or, even cancel.

Couples whose weddings fall within the Lockdown period are having to postpone or, even cancel, and in some cases, they are facing additional costs too or with no refund for fee differences. The message is not to make any changes too soon, but then to discuss with your venue, suppliers, and your insurance company. Some couples are finding alternative dates more easily by looking at off-season or mid-week dates.

So, will wedding insurance cover you for Covid-19?

Will wedding insurance cover Covid-19?

In March, several companies released statements on their websites informing customers that they are unable to accept any new applications for wedding insurance due to the outbreak.

Four weeks ago, John Lewis Finance advised on their website 'the UK government has banned weddings from taking place as part of measures being enforced across the UK to combat Coronavirus.

If your wedding is due to take place within the coming weeks while these measures are in place, your venue will need to cancel or re-arrange your wedding reception. Given the circumstances, we would expect your venue to offer to rearrange without charge or to offer a refund for cancellation, although this may differ from venue to venue. Please contact your venue to discuss your options and check what your agreement with the venue says in relation to cancellation by the venue. You will also need to contact your other suppliers to check your options.

If your venue and other key suppliers are able to postpone and offer you a new date without you incurring additional cost, please go ahead and arrange the new date with your venue and suppliers. Please promptly inform us of the revised date. 

If your venue or other key suppliers are not offering cancellation / postponement or your new date will lead you to make a claim under the policy, please contact us before cancellation or alteration of your arrangements.'

John Lewis Finance also summarise in detail the

cover in relation to Coronavirus.

Last week Wedding Plan advised on their website 'The Corona Virus Act 2020 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that grants the government emergency powers to handle the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The Act allows the government the discretionary power to limit or suspend public gatherings, including Weddings.

Therefore, if your claim is for cancellation or rearrangement of your wedding, then the above exclusions apply and we cannot accept your claim under this policy'.

A beautiful story by 'LOVE MY DRESS' from

a Venue's perspective

Amidst this heartbreaking and uncertain time, it's lovely to see that, there are some positives coming through, for which this compassionate story on over on 'LOVE MY DRESS' caught my eye 'Wedding Postponements from a venue's perspective'.

I will continue to add to this article as I discover new information.


30 April 2020 - Covid Refunds Guideance

The have posted on their website today, a Press Release by the Competition and Markets Authority on Covid Refunds Guideance.

Here are a couple of snippets from the Press Release in which the CMA report 'The position in most cases where a contract is not performed as agreed, the CMA considers that consumer protection law will generally allow consumers to obtain a refund.

In particular, for most consumer contracts the CMA would expect a consumer to be offered a full refund where:

  1. a business has cancelled a contract without providing any of the promised goods or services;

  2. no service is provided by a business, for example because this is prevented by Government public health measures;

  3. a consumer cancels,o ris prevented from receiving any services, because Government public health measures mean they are not allowed to use the services.'

'Non-refundable payments and fees. In the CMA’s view, the above rights to a refund will usually apply even where the consumer has paid what the business says is a non-refundable deposit or advance payment.

The CMA also considers that businesses should not charge an admin fee (or equivalent) for processing refunds in the above circumstances.'


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