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Updated: May 30

Naturescape Wildflower Farm

Nestled in the countryside of the Vale of Belvoir in Nottinghamshire, between the villages of Harby and Langar, is a charming family owned Wildflower Farm named Naturescape.

Over the years they have become the largest producer of British native wildflower seeds and wildflower plants in the UK.

Expansive fields filled with Wildflowers & grasses take the eye off into the distance. Meandering pathways through a Woodland fulfil all the senses for all that reside and visit it.

It is early morning. The fields are empty. There is a calm about the place. The countryside is lush with all shades of green, and Naturescape is no exception.

The Poppy fields hint of the promise of red carpets to come, as the Poppies sway calmly in the soft breeze.

I discover more wild planting on my daily jaunts, which delights me

I sit a while here. I immerse myself in the moment as I gaze across the diverse variety of Wildflowers and Grasses. My mind is peaceful in the knowledge that wildlife in all its form will be happily thriving here.

The Orchard Grass [Dactylis glomerata] stole my heart. Delicate and mesmerising. I could have sat all day by its side.

A woodland with meandering pathways, and magic at every corner

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