"Film is the perfect marriage for weddings!"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The Trocadero, Paris a short breath away from the Eiffel Tower.

Gown by Watters.

What better place to start than with Paris, the City of Light!

In this article I touch on a few of the many reasons why couples and wedding photographers, like me, love analogue-film.

Being an artistic photographer, I am naturally drawn to images that have a romantic, ethereal feel with a timeless authenticity, beautiful grain & texture. There is no other photography medium that compares to film.

Film is magical. Film is premium. Film is perfect for exquisite Heirloom photography

Capturing on film requires skill & a mastery of light - only a few photographers

are able to work with film. 

I love film's depiction of the World and everything in it

Colours are rich, yet subtle. Textures are authentic and film is forgiving in unforgiving light.

It has a softness to it because of the way inwhich it handles light and infuses grain into it.

I like to expose it in a way that gives my images a light & romantic softness, rendering colours that are true to real life. This is perfect for my style and that my couples love. Just look how dreamy Sarah & Michael's image is above during their portrait session away from their guests in beautiful evening light, overlooked by their venue, VILLA SERMOLLI in Tuscany.

The Renaissance Garden at Villa le Piazzole, Florence

Film's grain provides softness to skin that is flattering. Film just keeps on giving and is perfect for fine art couples.

Film produces the most authentic skin tones too. Look at Sophie's softness and realistic skintones in the image below. There is no other stills medium like it and I am proud to be one of only a few photographers that are able to shoot successfully on film.

I capture the portraits and beautiful details on film because I want my couples to have beautiful heirloom photography that they will look back on and remember their day just as they saw it.

When exposing for a landscape, details in the sky that would ordinarily be lost on digital format/cameras is retained by film. Film handles lights and darks with exceptional ease due to its incredible dynamic range.

However, to ensure my couples receive beautiful images, I use both film and digital formats, especially as digital cameras are super for capturing fast movement and dealing with low light conditions such as the evening dancing

The process of capturing on film is a beautiful experience for both the photographer and couples. I take time to craft each photo to ensure couples look the best versions of themselves. This considered and slow-paced approach means I connect with my couples before raising the camera to my face, which means I connect on a lovelierl level with my couples and am not a photographer constantly behind a camera!

Film's aesthetic is perfect for beautiful

details & Heirloom photography

Film wedding photography is an artform that is sought after by photographers and their clients throughout the World, especially after its Renaissance by JOSE VILLA a few years ago. It is the process of capturing an image on a roll of film. The exposed film is then developed at a professional film lab that, then, after converting it to a digital jpeg file, returns it to the photographer.

If you would love to learn more about Film Wedding Photography, it will be my pleasure to discuss further.




Photography: DoverJaques Photography

Florals: Floresie, Studio Sorores

Dresses: Mihr by Watters, Elise Hameau

Shoes: Emmy London

Calligraphy & Stationery: Laura Elizabeth Patrick

Film & Camera: Portra 800, Fuji 400H Pro | Mamiya Medium Format 645

Filmlab: Carmencita, Exposure Film Lab

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