• Gina Dover-Jaques

"Film is the perfect marriage for weddings!"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The Trocadero, Paris a short breath away from the Eiffel Tower.

Gown by Watters.

What better place to start than with Paris, the City of Light!

In this article I touch on a few of the many reasons why couples and wedding photographers, like me, love analogue-film.

Being an artistic photographer, I am naturally drawn to images that have a romantic, ethereal feel with a timeless authenticity, beautiful grain & texture. There is no other photography medium that compares to film.

Film is magical. Film is premium. Film is perfect for exquisite Heirloom photography

Capturing on film requires skill & a mastery of light - only a few photographers

are able to work with film. 

I love film's depiction of the World and everything in it

Colours are rich, yet subtle. Textures are authentic and film is forgiving in unforgiving light.

It has a softness to it because of the way inwhich it handles light and infuses grain into it.

I like to expose it in a way that gives my images a light & romantic softness, rendering colours that are true to real life. This is perfect for my style and that my couples love. Just look how dreamy Sarah & Michael's image is above during their portrait session away from their guests in beautiful evening light, overlooked by their venue, VILLA SERMOLLI in Tuscany.