... a slice of Chocolate Cake!

Updated: Apr 4

… after 2 weeks of being side-swiped by this horrid chest-cold that is doing the rounds, this morning, I grabbed my coat, and as I walked out the door I called to my husband "I'll be about 30 minutes or so"!

As I headed off to our local park Melton Country Park Cafe & Visitor Centre, I bumped into a Neighbour who was clutching an enviable slice of Chocolate Cake. "I've just been for a run, so I thought I'd finish things off with this" she remarked with delight. The sun was shining. My walk in the park turned into a 3-hour stint after completely losing myself in Nature and Photography. This was my slice of Chocolate Cake!

I certainly was not trying to create anything special. In fact, the strong breeze meant that it would be a challenge with everything dancing around like a Cat on a hot tin roof. I was wanting to relish being out again, being invigorated by the clean fresh air, marvelling over the changes that had taken place in the park and familiarising myself with the Canon 100mm f2.8 lens, that is to replace my trusty, but broken Canon 1.8 85mm, in readiness for my next 'monthly meet up' with dear friend, Brigitte in Suffolk.

Taking my Camera with me was the perfect distraction. Time stood still, other distractions in the World dissipated as I found myself completely in the moment and at one with Nature.

Thank you for joining me and for taking the time to look through this post.

Gina x

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