• Gina Dover-Jaques

"What are couples spending on Wedding Photography in the UK?"

Updated: Dec 12, 2020


In this article, you will find insight into what couples are spending on wedding photography in the UK.

As part of planning a wedding, one very important question that should be on the minds of couples is 'what should we be spending on wedding photography?"

So to determine wedding photography prices in the UK, let's start with what couples are spending on average on wedding photography in the UK. based on the YPWP's recent survey for 2020.

On average couples are spending £1,560

According to YPWP's latest survey 2020, on average couples are spending £1,560, based on a full day starting package from a professional wedding photographer, with most couples spending between £1,000 to £2,800 on wedding photography.

If you are looking for a Hybrid Photographer, you can expect to pay more.

Hybrid Photographers, such as myself, shoot on digital and analog-film formats, and because film and its development costs money, you can expect to pay more for your wedding photography.

So what should I be spending on my wedding photography?

This really depends on how important photography is to you and how much you would like to spend. I feel these two considerations go hand-in-hand.

Generally, couples spend 10-20% of the overall wedding cost of their wedding.

Couples that spend around 20% or more have photography in their list of top priorities. They gener