On my walk today

The gusty winds were invigorating today; certainly cleared the cobwebs!

It was noon. After a late breakfast and quick tidy-up, I headed to our local park with my camera in hand. Midday is never a good time for taking photographs, unless the sky is overcast, but today was more about immersing myself in nature and allowing myself to be lost in the moment, than creating something lovely.

As I arrived at the smallest part of the Lake, these Seagulls had settled in the water after having been treated by someone to a Bread feeding frenzy; I love the serenity that transpired, moments later.

I always find myself stopping to admire these majestic Fir Trees. They sway so gloriously on a windy day like today.

Moments later, I spied a Bird of Prey souring in the distance. It was a dot in the sky, and so too far for me to create anything decent'. As I cropped the image in Lightroom, I was nicely surprised to find it in focus!

I stayed a while to watch him sour some more. Taking time to slow down and observe is so important and fulfilling. A short walk later, I arrived at a small gathering of Trees, that is a recent discovery of mine. Ever since, I usually spend time there and am usually gifted exclusivity to it! Perhaps with it being off the beaten track, not many people know about it! It's a real treat.

These tiny, golden leaves were dancing frantically in the wind.

After emerging from the woodland, I made my way to a nearby tree-lined pathway, at the end of which, I usually make my way down to the water's edge of the largest part of the lake. I was hoping to photograph the shenanigans of a family of Swans, that has been a regular occurrence lately. The parents have been chasing their full-grown Cygnets from Pillar to Post in an attempt to persuade them to find pastures new.

Nonetheless, the Bullrushes, Ducks and Coots were a delightful substitute.

Do you like to capture Nature, go for daily jaunts, or lose yourself in your garden?

Feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to discover your story.

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