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Light captures my eye first

Updated: Feb 29

My decision whether to create an image or not comes from my heart, but it is light that first catches my eye, then only when I am moved by something, will I create a visual story.

Captured on Kodak Portra 400 Film

Rosa Maureen Elizabeth captured on Kodak Portra 400 Film

When I feel a connection with the subject, which can usually be instantaneous, visceral, and generally profoundly moving, it is then that I am compelled to capture it. The evaluation period is fleeting. It starts before I lift the camera to my eye, and comes from trusting my instinct, based on years of experience. The same is true when I look through the viewfinder of the camera. I will invest time to discover more. I will commit and be devoted to what I see before me, nothing else exists, I will be totally immersed; sometimes I forget to breath. The more inquisitive and moved I am, the greater the story I am able to tell, and over time, the more intuitive and instilled in me the process becomes.

Knowing your kit is very important, and keeping things simple by working with only one or two lenses, means I envisage the final image during the evaluation period.

A chateau garden in Paris, captured on Kodak Portra 400 Film

Solitary and collective story observations

My sentiment for telling a story goes beyond seeing with my eyes, I see with my heart, but past experiences influence my approach too.

The background is just as important as the subject, and affects my interpretation, mood, and approach. The notes of light, and the ambiance it creates. The sounds and aromas present. The breeze on my face, and how it animates a subject. The connection of shape & form, stages of development, surprising aspects, and many more, play a part in my 'story telling' decision making. The list is endless, and personal to me, as it will be for others.

A chateau garden in Paris, captured on Kodak Portra 400 Film

The luxury of time, passion for creativity, peaceful surroundings, immersion, topped off with being alongside likeminded people

In contrast to my Wedding Photography, which of course comes from the heart, having the luxury of time in Brigitte's garden is what makes days like this so very special. We are afforded the time to slow things down, to connect with our inner creativity, to listen, look, smell, and touch. To experiment, to be inquisitive, mindful, peaceful and so much more. It is this mix of qualities that allows one to tap into their heart, soul, and creative juices.

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