Magnolia Enchantment

She is enchanting. She is peaceful. She has stolen my heart.

I've loved Magnolia Blossom since I can remember, so I am not entirely sure why it has taken me until recently to purchase three saplings. I shall be recording in this post their developments and the joy they bring. If you wish to join in with a similar project of your own, I would love it if you were to share it with me.


Last week

a tiny bud that I spied toward the end of last year practically doubled in size over night. I was thrilled beyond words. I decided there-and-then to record the remarkable developments of the Saplings through to their maturity. If I provide them with love and the right conditions, they could grow to 5 feet, the perfect size for my small garden.

Being a complete novice to gardening, makes this project and gardening so very exciting. Sometimes, the 'not knowing' what will unfold before me makes it all the more thrilling, somehow!

From a photographic perspective

with the flower a mere 1 inch in diameter, and wanting to fill the frame with the flower, it was necessary to get within an inch of it. This meant that I had to work in a much higher aperture of f5.6 than I usually work in, so that more of the flower could be in focus. To my delight, I am rather pleased with the outcome and look forward to discovering more about close-up photography.

This is the Magnolia bud 7 and 2 days ago - caught on my iPhone.

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