Hello January

Updated: Mar 4

and hello new project, born from my new found passion for Nature!

Left: Astrantia

Like many of us, I turned to my garden for solace after having stayed at home for 2 years to protect loved ones. To my amazement, the process of growing edibles from seed to enjoying them on the plate, and planting for Nature, then seeing more pollinators join me in my garden, was both soothing and thrilling.

Witnessing new life and tending to it became my morning ritual, with the first cup of tea of the day. I was astonished by how resourceful and ingenious Mother Nature can be. At that moment, the desire to capture Nature was ignited, and the anticipation of being behind my camera again filled my heart with joy.

Nature's slumbering melancholy tones in Winter time are captivating and a beautiful

Hello Brigitte!

It was mid-December when I phoned my friend and talented Florist, Brigitte Girling of Moss and Stone Floral Design to propose that we might work together for our shared love of Flowers and Nature. To my utter delight, Brigitte said yes, then moments later we fell upon the notion of capturing Brigitte's Garden throughout the year and agreed to meet up in the middle of January, weather allowing!

It had been over 2 years since I last visited Brigitte. After a beautiful welcome and a delicious cup of Coffee we walked into Brigitte's, Nature focused, Cutting garden. Frost was being replaced by droplets of Dew. The day was still, and there was a gentle hush in the garden.

A sneaky capture of Brigitte as she was in the moment, capturing her favourite garden chair.

Caught on Medium Format Portra 800 Film. You may find a few more captures on film at the bottom of this blog.

It was wonderful to be in a space that I am so very fond of

and to spend time with Brigitte, whom I have great admiration for, on a project of discovery that afforded us the freedom to go with whatever presented itself to us.

As we randomly arrived at areas in the garden that Brigitte loves, she fondly showed me the aspects that make her want to create a photograph. Moments later, Brigitte spied on a Ladybird, that we both had to capture! Moments like these show us that there is much to admire amid Winter.

You can find Brigitte's super capture of it over on her blog - I've provided a link at the base of this blog. I will add my capture next week when the film scans arrive in my inbox.

My eye was drawn to tiny light filled droplets of Dew that appeared to be hanging on for dear life before disappearing. A medley of pared back details, the harshness of the Frost, the fragility of small pockets of life encased in warm-heady sunlight drew me deeper still and set the tone for my images; rich and dark!

Tranquility in Winter Hues

The contrast in colours and the simplicity that Winter brings offers a new perspective on how we see the World around us. Being behind the camera outside of my usual groove of Spring, Summer and Autumn and creating something personal offers me a new way of looking at things, and therefore a new way of photographing things. Seeing with 'new eyes' can be incredibly joyful and satisfying.

I'm drawn to light, first & foremost

Thirteen years ago, when I became a Photographer, I taught myself to read light. Light was the first thing that caught my eye. Without light, there can be no photography. The quality of light sets the tone, helps to convey a story, leads the eye, and evokes an emotion; all of which are integral to my photography. Mother Nature creates the most natural aesthetic on how we see the World and that is why I chose to be a natural light photographer.

'Form' is secondary, followed by angle

I like to slow things down; this allows me to be in the moment. Before I raise the camera to my eye, seeing a story and how I wish to convey it is a mindful process. I assess the light constantly as I move round slightly, then I consider the angle and how I want to frame an image.

Choosing what to capture and how to capture it

is a personal choice. I believe there is no right nor wrong way to convey an image, but that it is important to enjoy the process, and to be in the moment. Sometimes it is more about the experience than it is about the outcome!

I'm looking forward to seeing what we create over the forthcoming months

and getting to know Brigitte's garden on a deeper level. I can safely say that spending a morning with Brigitte in her garden last week, with cameras in our hands, was nothing short of heavenly!

If you would like to share with us your story of discovery, whether it be in your garden or during a ramble through the countryside, for example, feel free to use my new hashtag #mothernaturesjoys so that Brigitte and I will find you.

A few Analogue-film captures.

Brigitte's beautiful captures

I absolutely LOVE Brigitte's captures, and how they provide a glimpse into how she sees her garden.

You may visit Brigitte's article and her perspective on the day HERE

Thank you for visiting this blog, and I trust that you enjoyed it.

Gina x


New Hashtag #mothernaturesjoys

I will be using a new hashtag #mothernaturesjoys for this new and exciting project. If you fancy recording your discoveries of the nature you uncover with us over on Instagram, we'd love you to use the hashtag so we will be able to find you!

Some beautiful shares last week from:




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