Brigitte's garden in February

Updated: May 21

and what a difference a few weeks make!

So very many new and exciting bursts of life!

Cherry Blossom siblings, from red buds to full bloom, weeks before counterpart leaves appear

The Japanese Cherry Blossom was in full bloom, and quite simply, Poetic

a mere six weeks have passed since Brigitte and I started this project. During that time, Brigitte, had posted a few visual developments on line, but that did not stop me from being thoroughly taken-back by the turn of pace of Mother Nature.

They were frantically dancing in the ever persistent breeze

blissfully unaware of the challenges Brigitte and I faced as we were trying to capture them. At times, it seemed an impossible task, but this didn't hinder our enthusiasm, nor tenacity!

I have included some HINTS & TIPS at the base of this post, on my approach to close-up photography


Bird song filled the air and the occasional Bumble Bee joined us as we started our day amongst the Hellebores

I will never tire of this view or any other view, for that matter, of Brigitte's house, especially when kissed in beautiful light, such as this! How very fitting that the Sun happened to fall upon the spot where we started February's instalment.

Brigitte was having a whale of a time waiting for a Bee to visit a certain Hellebore, then hoping that it would stay still to afford her the time to frame the shot whilst holding her breath and keeping the camera steady. We remarked throughout the day that we almost forgot to breathe when immersing in long swathes of concentration.

Brigitte will not know about the sneaky capture, below until she sees this post!

Rather annoyingly, I had forgotten my coat! I didn't fancy getting down on my belly, with the garden being wet, so I held my camera low to the ground whilst aiming the lens in the general direction of them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!

Spectacularly Architectural Euphorbia

In the shot above, beyond Brigitte's favourite chairs is a Euphorbia. My intention was to create an etherial aesthetic when capturing it. The light was rather lovely.

A couple of quick VIDEO captures on my phone.

Giant Hyssop

Japanese Spirea, I believe!

Now I know what these are, but the extent of my knowledge is that I can only say they are Roses!

Time stood still

I fell upon an area that I had not discovered previously when visiting Brigitte in her garden. On the North-West boundary of the garden is a secluded pathway. I took my time to ponder its delicate details before raising the camera to my eye.

I was drawn to what lay at my feet as I carefully trod along its pathway. Its beautiful, delicate visual offerings were reminiscent of a tiny Woodland.

I consider it a gift to have spied this Jelly Fungus on a fallen branch, a third the size in real life, when viewing this image on a Laptop. Hailed as a 'good find' by, Brigitte, so I am pleased with that.

This example is known as Wood Ear (Auricularia auricula-judae)