Brigitte's garden in May

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It is said that May is the most giving of months, and the word 'giving' comes to mind whenever I visit Brigitte's beautifully curated, undone garden. A haven that is for Nature as much as it is for Brigitte.


I first discovered Brigitte Girling of Moss and Stone Floral Design in 2018 through Instagram. I fell for her story. Her floral work is beyond exquisite. The desire to work with her was so strong, so I contacted her and held my breath nervously for her response.

Why I fell for Brigitte

Brigitte's garden's transformation

The month of May has brought her blessing to Brigitte's Garden.

There is so much to behold and discover in every corner. It is thriving in variety and life. Life that can easily be seen, and life that is less evident, that basks beneath the soil, behind the bark of a tree, or in the crevice of a wall. Brigitte's cutting garden is a space that keeps on giving to all that indulge in her.

Undone mini-meadows, neat box-hedges, meandering mown grass pathways, and an abundance of overflowing colour, texture, form, movement, aroma and life, that might appear to some as hodgepodge, is in fact calculated untamed order with a very clear directive.

This orchestra of life is what translates this corner of Rickinghall into a haven of biodiversity, life, creativity, solace, beauty and more. So, as I spend another beautiful day with Brigitte, I know it is not just the two of us that are enriched by the garden.

Cow Parsley [Anthriscus sylvestris]

A Haven for all senses

I am completely immersed in Brigitte's garden whenever I visit.
Nothing else exists. I forget about the World and life's challenges. It is the best tonic that never fails to transport me into a sense of peace.

The garden format might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I admire and am in awe of what Brigitte continues to create for herself and Wildlife. The more I visit, the more I see [sight], and the more I see, the more I am beguiled by its charm.

The heady medley that greeted me knocked me back. A Pollinator Magnet, that for the sophisticated sensors of Bees and Butterflies, must certainly put Brigitte's garden well and truly on the map. Aromas [smell] can transport us back to a specific time and place, and ignite an emotion, or evoke a fond memory.

As I discovered pockets of Rosemary, Rocket, Basil, and Mint, some of my favourite of Nature's Larder, my mouth salivated [taste], and within an instance I could taste their flavours' in my mouth. Like with Site, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing, we can be immediately transported.

I love to run my hand through the Cow Parsley, and [touch] other textures in the garden, such as the bark on the trees. By touching, I feel a great connection with the garden, and therefore Nature. It provides me with a greater sense of meaningfulness.

The [sound] of the breeze, the rustle of dry leaves, the call of the Birds, and the sound of breaking twigs underfoot add to my experience.

Brigitte's garden has many facets. As I recollect my thoughts & emotions from the day while writing this section, a Sensory Garden comes to mind.

If ever there was a photogenic edible flower

it is the rocket flower. Delicate, little white petals, that can be seen when the plant is allowed to go to flower.

I make no apology for so many captures of the Rocket, but its delicacy and the light held my attention. Brigitte was potting-up Dahlias in her Green House before the temperature rose further. As the sunlight started to spill onto the area, I knew the moment would soon be lost, so I beckoned Brigitte over to share what I was seeing, and my approach as I captured the Rocket. It was a special moment as we both indulged ourselves. I believe Brigitte captured a spider and its web, so I very much look forward to seeing that amongst her series of captures.


I love to capture everything - the perfect and the imperfect

The more I immerse myself in Nature, the more I see how remarkable she is, and so, the more I want to capture her in all her richness. A bruised petal, or a faded bloom provides another perspective to a flower's already rich story, and therefore is a thing of beauty.

I see beauty, not imperfection. I see a perpetual cycle of growing and withering, of living and dying, of organic matter and enrichment - a 'perfect' cycle.

Peonies on the cusp of blooming

It was a little too early to capture the Peonies in full bloom. Brigitte told me that they would open up fully in a day or so, providing the warm weather prevailed. Nonetheless, it was delightful to witness them in this early state of intrigue. Once its tight bud begins to stir, the release of its undisputed beauty within will not be contained for long.

Peonies on the cusp of blooming

It was a little too early to capture the Peonies in full bloom. Brigitte told me that they would open up fully in a day or so, providing the warm weather prevailed. Nonetheless, it was delightful to witness them in this early state of intrigue. Once its tight bud begins to stir, the release of its undisputed beauty within will not be contained for long.


Staple captures to provide context

Each visit, I capture these viewpoints of Brigitte's garden to show the changes that have taken place since my previous visit. At the end of this project, which will be December this year, I will combine the images in one post for a comparative view.

Anemone [buttercup family Ranunculaceae]

Common Bluebell and Wood Forget-me-not

White Garlic

White Garlic


Common Dandelion

Mourning Widow

Annual Honesty

How delicate & charming you are

As Brigitte photographed the Aquilegia, I overheard her conveying her love to it.

When Brigitte moved to another corner of the garden, I stepped over to it to see what all the fuss was about; she did not disappoint. Her delicate jewel-like bonnets were bobbing in the breeze, and as I captured her, I too became allured by her charm.

A Genius Addition

I was as mesmerised by the Cow Parsley as I was the Rocket.

It was the first time that I have seen Cow Parsley in a garden, but she was not at odds here. She adds softness, interest, and unites all that is around her. She is intrinsically delicate yet strong, intricate yet simplistic. She could easily take centre stage, yet does not obscure.

She is an architectural beauty, made all the more delightful by the kiss of a gentle breeze.

Step beyond the wrought-iron gate with me into another world

I first discovered this hidden pathway in February, and it was beckoning me back. Its' hold on me is palpable. It is intriguing. It is of another World. I am spellbound here as I interact with Nature that existed millions of year ago. The fiddlehead fronds of the Ferns are thriving in the shade, yet they do not shiver. I am enriched by their company, as they are enriched by the dappled sunlight that finds its way to them, and by the fertile soil they stand in.

There is no sense of time

I drink-in all I can, and I am quenched.

I find a friend whilst being lost in the moment. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes could so easily turn into hours, yet there is no sense of time, only of being.


Floral Abstract Attraction

Not one to sit still

I tried my hand at floral abstract. Attempting new things helps me to see the World differently, and invariably, I fall upon a different approach. The following captures were not easy in the midst of a breeze, but patience, and holding my breath paid off in the end. Somewhat delighted with my efforts, I believe that I will add this to my repertoire.

And Hettie

Brigitte's beautiful Labrador, whom I have fallen for. Isn't she gorgeous!

Thank you so much for visiting this post. I trust that you enjoyed it, and that you come back soon.

If you have a story to share from your corner of the World, Brigitte and I would lover to hear from you, or perhaps, you would like to share the odd photo with us on Social Media, using the hashtags we created for this project #mothernaturesjoys


Gina x

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