Brigitte's Garden in June

Updated: Jun 29

How quickly nature transitions and transforms, and how lucky we are to walk alongside her, and to witness her inexplicable delights.

I arrived a little later than usual, it was mid-morning. Brigitte was already in the garden, and as I walked over to hug her, I caught a glimpse of the garden. It was almost unrecognisable. Where for most, might sit a neatly manicured lawn, a plethora of wild grasses & flowers were now standing tall. Its guise was like no-other that I have witnessed, and this thrilled me.

The resident Chiffchaff was making itself heard throughout the day

The Garden was brimming with life ...

There was so much to digest and photograph, and when the subject is as magical as this, it makes what I do so much easier. The occasional thin clouds, God's natural diffuser, were disappearing fast, so like Brigitte, I found myself looking for aspects of the garden that where shaded from the sun, and so too were many of the garden's tiny visitors.

Thankful ...

I adore Brigitte's garden, and love how nature & garden photography challenges me. I also love how green spaces, both sooth and thrill. This beautiful project with Brigitte affords me the time to slow things down, to experiment, to try new things, to discover and be surprised.

I am so pleased that I deliberately caught the following two images out of focus. They remind me of my favourite historical painter, Monet, and the hazy days of Summer.

A recent purchase ...

It was the second time I had used the Canon 100mm f2.8 lens on this project. I have been cutting my teeth with it during my daily walks, and it keeps on surprising me. The ethereal look I achieve makes me happy, and the lens is fast becoming a staple in my repertoire. In, fact, all of the captures in this post were created using this lens.

I was smitten ...

The Rosa Mutabilis caught my eye and I immersed myself in her. I put my camera by my side, to gaze at her for some time.

I wanted to photographer her, yet the light was too dazzling for digital photography. She was standing far taller than me too, which presented another consideration, as I preferred not to get the bright white sky in the shot. However, there was no question of going home without photographing 'Rosa', so I caught her on film and digital.

I will add the film scans to this post next week when they come through from the Lab, but for now, and to my amazement, my digital camera coped rather splendidly.

Rosa Mutabilis ...

piercing, unforgiving, summer light

shadows dark as liquorice juxtaposition stark white

a duo of opposites that should never entwine

yet, thou two colours maketh thee divine

Brigitte and her garden are inspirational. It must be thrilling and liberating to step into such a magical space from one's doorstep. Needless to say, it becomes harder to pull myself away at the end of each visit.

I have left a link to Brigitte's post below, where you will find her perspective on her garden. Brigitte focussed on some beautiful aspects of her garden, and I love her captures of the grasses and wild flowers.

Until next time, enjoy your happy place.

Gina x

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