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A few test shots with my newly purchased Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro Lens; flowers courtesy of our son's new bow!

I'll be looking to see how the lens performs, so great composition and artistry will not be on the agenda. I'm testing for the presence of any Chromatic or colour Aberration, and later in the week, when with Brigitte in her garden, I will be trying different aesthetics.

I rather like the Bokeh and depth of focus the lens provides when wide open at f2.8. However, after having been used to working with faster lenses over the years, I want to see how I feel about having to sometimes introduce noise into an image as a result of increasing the ISO when shooting in low light conditions and/or having to resort to only using the lens on lighter days.

It is important to state that the lens is a remarkable and revered lens. It is very well suited to portraiture and close-up/Macro photography. There are other medium to long lenses with Macro functionality available too, so it might be a case of testing them too, in order to determine which lens suits me best for Floral Art that I wish to create.

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