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My Story

my story

In 2021, I grew my first Micro Green. The small act of growing Pea shoots sparked a new found passion.

My morning ritual with cuppa in hand was to check the shoots. Within a few weeks I was growing different varieties, nurturing them, and enjoying them on the plate.


I was hooked and so before long I tried my hand at some of their parent edibles. To nurture and witness the results was addictive, and transported me back to childhood memories of days immersed in nature.

rewilding garden for nature 

Parkland walks and my new found love of gardening sparked a desire for a new photographic project

So after suggesting with my friend Brigitte Girling that we might work together on a personal project again, we agreed to connect in her 'garden for nature' throughout the year to witness and photograph the remarkable changes. This simple act of immersion, connecting and capturing nature inspired me to create a garden for nature for myself.

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