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iPhone Recordings

My husband treated me to the iPhone Max Pro 13 last year, and to my surprise, I have
enjoyed creating still and video snaps from time to time. It makes recording whatever catches my eye blissfully easy.

Hambleton Peninsula, Rutland Water, UK - 7 January 2023

IMG_8452 2.JPG

serene evening. A whisper of a breeze left the water calm.
Apparently, a rare occurrence, and wonderful to witness.

Barnsdale Gardens, Rutland UK - 8 April 2023

Rutland Water Nature Reserve UK - 8 April 2023

After grabbing a coffee, I checked on the progress of the egg laying of the Osprey [LIVE CAM] after being aware that they had laid their first egg of the season 2 days prior. The staff advised that there had been a second egg laid this morning and a third was anticipated very soon. 

The water and wildlife was quiet. A
 Moorhen, a couple of Coots, Mallards, Canadian and Greylag Geese were going about their business, whilst in the distance Cormorants were looking across the water as they sat on perches.

After lunch, I took a pleasant stroll along the south shore. The pathways were dotted with Marigold and the air was filled with the song of Chiffchaff, Blue Tit and Robin. As I looked out to the fields, I recalled the splendour of them bursting with wildflowers from last year. It was a quiet day with only a couple of other women photographers.

The highlight of my visit was when I successfully identified the Northern Lapwing [Vanellus vanellus], one of the largest waders. Its call caught my attention followed by its wavering flight. After referring to my newly purchased pocket Bird Book, I believe it was its distinctive black & white appearance and the round-winged shape in flight that enabled me to quickly identify it. I was hooked as I stayed a while to be entertained by this dear little bird. Unfortunately, after capturing so many videos whist visiting Barnsdale Gardens earlier, I ran out of battery power, but on my next visit it is my intention to visit the Osprey Hide again to record the Lapwing in flight.

Rutland Water Nature Reserve UK - 12 April 2023

Rutland Nature Reserve is becoming a bit of a second home of late, ha ha! Tonight I was joined by members of my neighbour's Facebook group 'Melton Mowbray District - Nature & Wildlife Group, for which I organise 'Nature Gatherings' for likeminded people that enjoy green spaces.

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