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'So what is making film so sought after by couples'?

In this article, I express what I love about film wedding photography and why it is so special for weddings.


Film Photography breathes life into images. Its timeless, authenticity is why I love film so much

'So what is 'film wedding photography?'.

Film wedding photography is the craft of capturing an image on a roll of film. The exposed film is then developed at a professional film lab who sends it back to me as digital jpeg files. 

There are only a few wedding photographers that shoot on film because it requires skill and a mastery of light.


Film has soul. It is a living breathing thing with a luminous, romantic quality like no other photography medium and I like to expose it in a way that gives my images beautiful luminosity & softness, which is perfect for Fine Art Weddings.

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doverjaquesphotography_ALLY & ADRIAN FIR

A romantic renaissance wedding at Villa le Piazzole, Florence

So why do I and many other fine art photographers love film?

Being an artistic photographer, I am naturally drawn to images that have a romantic, ethereal feel with a timeless authenticity, beautiful grain & texture and this is why photographers like me, shoot on film and why film is so sought after.


The process of capturing on film is a lovely experience. We take time to craft and curate each photo to ensure couples look the best versions of themselves.

This considered and slow-paced approach means we connect with couples more before raising the camera to our face, which helps to put couples at ease and helps photographers to feel more in the moment.

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Another great quality of film that my couples and I love is how authentically it depicts skin. It's look is unrivaled. It shows skins texture and true colour tones with beautiful softness too.

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