"Two years ago, film changed everything!"

Being a romantic and an artistic photographer, I am naturally drawn to images that have a romantic, painterly feel,  filled with luminosity; so when film found me, it changed everything!


It was a day that will stay with me forever; a day when a fellow photographer persuaded me to have a go with their film camera.


I instantly fell for the feel of a classic camera in my hands, the sound of the film as it moved from one frame to the next and the sense of feeling more 'in-the-moment'.  I was creating images that excited me. It was thrilling and I wanted to discover more.

"Film is undergoing a Rennaisance"



I discovered that Film is undergoing a Renaissance that is driven mostly by Fine Art Portrait & Wedding Photographers and I was excited by what they were creating. Their work was timeless & soulful.

Kodak Portra medium format film

"Film makes everything look amazing!"

Film is a joy to work with. It's a living breathing thing! It is radiant & rich. It has a soft aesthetic that is dreamy and its depiction of skin is so lifelike. Film is unrivaled.


Whilst each click of the camera costs money, my clients are investing in my talent, which is to create a luxurious suite of authentic, timeless story telling images, captured with care & consideration.

"... I fell in love with photography all over again!"

"you will be in safe hands"

When working with film I will record the light with a 'handheld' light meter. Usually, the light will remain constant for at least 15 minutes, so one reading will suffice. I work with purpose and consideration, in a chilled and guiding way that ensures my couples feel safe and at ease.

I will suggest locations and poses that enhance who you are as a couple. When possible, I love to capture my couples a few moments prior to sunset when the light is utterly dreamy.

Through my simplistic and calm approach, my couples feel safe & at ease. Louise & Lewis, below, told me that they were camera shy. Who'd have thought it!

"Luxury, Heirloom Photography"

"The Film Stocks I Love"

The film stocks I love to capture on are Portra 800 & Portra 400, plus Fuji 400H Pro and Ilford 3200. Portra film stock is stunning and skin looks incredible, unlike no other stills photography medium. Fuji 400 is perfect for overseas. It gives such a lovely pop and Ilford 3200 with its incredibly grain in abundance is perfect for Boudoir and Bridal Preparation photography - so romantic!

"My Dream Wedding"

I thoroughly love Fine Art Weddings and Elopements. They are associated with exquisite styling, are Chic and romantic. When capturing a couple's precious details such as the Bouquet, I will place it in an authentic, safe location that gives context to the story. Fine Art Photography would not look out of place on a wall.

'Digital Photography'

I love to capture the drinks reception and the fast pace of the dancing, when the light is less abundant on digital format because digital is fast and works well in low light. It is important to me that I create stunning images for my couples whatever the conditions and lighting, and so, I work with both film & digital formats to give my couples the best of both Worlds.


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